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Join us every Thursday night as we explore the exotic cultures. Come experience hi energy, African dance moves by Yaya as she explores with you different modern dances 



  • 6.30PM  AFRO POP



Both upbeat and flowing movements that will keep your heart beat racing nonstop. From freestyle cardio style Zumba moves or sensual rotations and fall in the arms of your dance partner. Join an environment that nurtures, heals, renews, and inspires the body and spirit.

From early in the 21st century, a new type of sound, originating in West Africa, has become increasingly prominent in African popular music. This name echo's the 1970s fusion of jazz and traditional Ghanaian and Nigerian music which is an important influence, but Afro pop is a largely different style combining influences from Congolese rumba, hip hop and dance hall

More recently the Azonto style of dance from Ghana has become closely associated with more up-tempo songs have become popular. Since 2012, Afro pop have gained mainstream recognition outside of Africa, especially within the UK. 


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