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The Tago International Center is a modern space aimed to please and delight the community


We have created a gorgeous canvas that will ensure a memorable and positive experience for you 


Meet the human being who was willing to challenge the norm.

The dream of establishing a unique and trend setting space does not come easy for this once homeless determined young man. He tells stories of unbearable days of starvation, cold nights and constantly working in excess of 20 hours a day. Stories which are definitely not for the fainthearted. A journey that could have broken him down, instead it turned into resolve to pursue his dreams.


His love of entertainment started at the early age. His mother describes him as a joyful, bouncy toddler. Always drawing, painting, dancing and catching on to every lyric of every song. A habit that would eventually turn into his passion, drive and tenacity. Although his teenage years were rough, he learnt at an early age to stay focused, by using his talents wisely,setting goals on a high level. Goals that would lead him to pack his bags and with .25ct in his pocket, he would move back and forth from Dallas to the rough streets of Brooklyn New York, eventually settling in Atlanta, GA to pursue the American Dream.

Before long, he became a sought after DJ, a great producer, clothing line designer, club owner, top promoter, restaurateur and much more. Always climbing that ladder with the sole purpose of building relationships to be able to finance his lifelong dreams.


To understand The Tago Center, you have to understand the person. Good quality entertainment takes me on a utopian journey. I am most happy when i observe people dance, laugh & love.

I cherish the priceless, nostalgic moments as a child listening & watching creative artists.

Despite growing up in extremely poor circumstances, I have always loved the city life. I grew up around diverse cultures that has allowed me to embrace art from all spectrums around the globe. My brain is so clogged with great entertainment from all 5 continents. Absorbing joys from the 50's all the way to our present time. This has given me a limitless amount of experience of creativity without the boundaries brought about by the ignorance of racism, ethnic and age boundaries.

"To me, music and entertainment is one of the 4 essential elements on life. Music is like food; Music is like air; Music is like water!I believe that  without laughter, joy or music in your life, you are slowly dying. Thus my obligation it is, and with pride I do stride to entertain the masses. Please, join us, have fun, dance and be merry. I’m simply a man, roaming the earth, making discoveries along the way – with a smile on my face."

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Thank you humbly!



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